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Why Hire a Realtor?

Buying or selling a home or an investment property is a significant and complex financial transaction. Choosing someone who will help guide you through the process is an important decision, and you should expect and receive service entirely with your best interests in mind.

When you hire us to represent you as you buy a home, we will do the following (unless otherwise agreed to):

    • We will show you homes in the MLS (and even some not in the MLS) that match your personal shopping criteria, to include For Sale By Owner properties, short sales, and foreclosures if so desired.
    • We will provide and interpret information on comparable homes that have sold in the area and assist you in formulating an offer and negotiation strategy.
    • We will do our homework and will tell you everything we find out about the seller, their home, and their motivation for selling!
    • We will negotiate on your behalf through the entire home buying process, while offering advice and addressing concerns every step of the way!
    • We will recommend the best lenders, title companies, inspectors, and other professional services you will need!
    • We will remain obligated to keep any information about you confidential if it would weaken your negotiating position.
    • Since we represent YOU, we “think” as if we were in your position (i.e.: we work hard to get the lowest possible price and best terms for you, not the seller).
    • Finally, we will do anything else required of us to ensure your buying experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Virginia law requires that all licensed real estate agents have a written brokerage agreement with the client(s) they represent. This is to protect you, the buyer, and your agent by ensuring both parties understand what is expected of them up front. The law states that the brokerage agreement will provide the following three pieces of information:

    • a list of services that the agent will deliver
    • a schedule of fees that will be associated with services offered, and when those fees are payable
    • a definite termination date

Here’s what that means for you when you work with Fidelis Property Group:

Many brokerages claim to have mandatory administrative charges that are passed on to buyers to help offset the cost associated with representing them (e.g. expenses tied to printing documents or gas for showing properties). Fidelis Property Group never charges any retainer fees, processing fees, or frivolous administrative charges.  We don’t believe in such fees and have no interest in passing on our cost of doing business to the clients we represent.

Despite the legal requirement to enter into a written brokerage agreement, it does not automatically mandate the duration of the agreement. For example, suppose you are shopping for a new home and you know you want representation, but do not want to be locked into an agreement for an extended period, or moreover, you’re not entirely convinced you want to work with this particular agent in the long-term. That’s perfectly acceptable.

Do you have to engage into a brokerage agreement for 180 days?  Absolutely not!  You can set any timeline that makes you comfortable.  This flexibility is important since you may be willing to sign an agreement for a few days, or even for a specific property, while using that time to get to know your agent.  If after this trial period both you and your agent decide that the relationship will be a good one, the two parties might agree on a longer-term agreement.  

With Fidelis Property Group, you are welcome to cancel a brokerage agreement at any time if you feel we’re not the right fit, or if you’ve decided not to buy.  There are no penalties, no fees, and no hassle….period.