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February 24th, 2020 Leave A Comment

Can a Seller Back Out of a Contract?

[embedyt][/embedyt] {Full Video Transcript} Hey there, it’s Bethany with Fidelis Property Group. Have you ever wondered if the seller of a home can back out of a contract? You might be surprised to hear the answer - stay tuned to hear more! If you’re watching on YouTube, please hit Subscribe and ring the bell to get all of our tips on real estate and advice for buying or selling a home. We’ve helped tons of buyers and sellers in the Alexandria and northern... Continue Reading Article »

July 1st, 2014 Leave A Comment

Celebrate the 4th of July in DC

  Washington DC is a spectacular place to celebrate July 4th! The National Mall, with Washington DC’s monuments and the U. S. Capitol in the background, forms a beautiful and patriotic backdrop to America's Independence Day celebrations. This is an all-day event in the nation's capital, beginning with a parade along Constitution Avenue and ending with a spectacular display of fireworks over the Washington Monument.  All these wonderful activities is another great reason to live in the DC Metro area. Washington,... Continue Reading Article »

May 20th, 2014 Leave A Comment

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up! What’s happening in DC?

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died serving our country. This is a great time to honor our veterans and famous Americans by visiting the monuments in Washington, DC.  Remember that Fidelis Property Group is a veteran owned real estate group dedicated to serving military families with their real estate needs and honors all the veterans over Memorial Day. On Saturday, May 24, at 11 a.m, Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally visits the Navy Memorial and holds... Continue Reading Article »

May 14th, 2014 Leave A Comment

Mortgage Rate Status and Projections for May

Results from a Federal Reserve survey of senior bank loan officers indicated that lenders have held the line on prime lending standards and have raised standards for sub-prime and non-traditional home loans. Survey respondents represented 74 U.S. banks and 23 foreign banks. Survey respondents also said that demand for mortgage loans was lower; this could be an unintentional result of tight credit standards for mortgage loans. Analysts said that tight credit requirements and less demand for home loans could mean more trouble... Continue Reading Article »

May 1st, 2014 Leave A Comment

May is here! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in DC

Fidelis Property Group

The National Cinco de Mayo Festival in Washington, DC is an annual celebration featuring live music and dance, children’s arts and crafts workshops, food, games and activities for the entire family. Although originally Mexican in origin, the Cinco de Mayo Festival has become a larger “Latin American Family Reunion” on the National Mall. The Festival is free and open to all. It will be held rain or shine on Sunday, May 4th from noon to 6 pm. The annual festival is... Continue Reading Article »

April 22nd, 2014 Leave A Comment

Mortgage Rate Status and Projections for April

While little housing-related news was released, last week’s economic news showed signs of a brighter economic picture. Labor statistics were stronger, with job openings up and new jobless claims filed lower than expected. Mortgage rates fell, and the University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Index was higher than expected. Freddie Mac reported lower average mortgage rates last week. The rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage fell from 4.41 to 4.34 percent. The rate for a 15-year fixed rate mortgage dropped from 3.47 to... Continue Reading Article »

April 15th, 2014 Leave A Comment

Easter Egg Roll in DC

The White House Easter Egg Roll is an annual family event to hunt for and race Easter Eggs on the White House Lawn while enjoying storytelling and a visit with the Easter Bunny. The holiday tradition has a long history dating back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes officially opened the White House grounds to local children for egg rolling on Easter Monday. Successive Presidents have continued the tradition of inviting children to the White House Lawn for egg... Continue Reading Article »

April 7th, 2014 Leave A Comment

DC Cherry Blossom Festival being held from March 20, 2014 – April 13, 2014

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is planned to coincide as nearly as possible with the blooming of the trees. Peak Bloom Date is defined as the day on which 70 percent of the blossoms of the Yoshino cherry trees are open. The date when the Yoshino cherry blossoms reach peak bloom varies from year to year, depending on weather conditions. The mean date of blooming is April 4, but nature is not always cooperative and the National Park Service horticulturists... Continue Reading Article »