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July 11th, 2014

Make the Most out of your Air Conditioning


The DC area is home to some hot, humid summers.

Air conditioning can be a fantastic relief. Here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning system and to save money on air conditioning in DC’s heat.

Keep doors and windows closed

This is the easiest mistake to avoid, but it’s also the easiest one to overlook. With kids coming in and out of the house from playing or adults stepping in and out from doing yard work or working the grill, it’s tempting to simply leave the back door open for convenience. But doing so is a good way to needlessly increase your energy bill. Close not only the storm (or screen) door if you have one, but fully close your front and back doors and the windows. Closing all of your blinds and curtains during the day can also help.

Check for leaks

You should check the wires and vents in your air conditioning for leaking fluid. Be sure to address any surface level issues immediately by contacting professional repair personnel. You should also be on the lookout for signs of escaping air. Windows are an easy place for cool air to escape from your home. Check them for cracks in the sealant and repair as necessary.

Replace filters often

Be sure to clean the filters frequently. You’ll be in good shape if you also replace them frequently — as often as once a month is ideal in the hot summer months.

Use fans strategically

Air conditioning alone may not cool a large home entirely. Your best option is to create a steady flow of air by making use of ceiling fans to help circulate cold air throughout your home.

Pick the right air conditioning unit for your home

Every home is different, and so every home has different requirements of its air conditioning unit. Be sure to pick the correct size and quality air conditioning unit for your home. We recommend consulting a qualified service professional for advice on this.
Keeping your air conditioning running efficiently and ensuring that cool air stays in your home is easy and only requires minimal maintenance. Don’t let yourself overpay for an air conditioning unit or allow your current one to fall into disrepair.

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