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What’s My Home Worth?

A number of factors go into figuring out the value of your home. Simply, the answer is that the value of your home is the maximum amount a buyer is willing to pay for it at that point in time.

What determines that price? Here are just a few of the factors::

  • Condition of the property and the land it sits on
  • Size of the home and lot
  • The condition, size and age of other local properties
  • Location, location, location!
  • School district
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Real estate market conditions
  • What other properties near yours have sold for (and why)

At Fidelis Property Group, we have access to real-time market data to help price your home right the first time. We take into account all of the above elements and conduct a robust analysis of your home and the surrounding market, so that you can get top dollar when you sell.

If your home priced too low, you may miss out on profit from the sale of your home. If it’s priced too high, it will sit on the market and it will become increasingly difficult for you to get a price you deserve. In fact, multiple studies have shown that after three weeks on the market, an overpriced listing becomes “stale” as fewer buyers visit it and those who do wonder what is wrong with the property.  For this reason, correct pricing is the most important element of selling your home for the most money possible.

Online systems that are based solely on data and not on true local knowledge may overvalue or undervalue your property. For example, a “Zestimate” has no way of taking into account any interior improvements you’ve made to your home, which can make a big difference to your sales price. For the most accurate pricing, best to speak with a local, licensed Realtor. We would be happy to provide a free, no-obligation comparative market analysis (CMA) for you and your home. Simply contact us with your property address and we’ll get back to you quickly!

If you only need a ballpark range of what your property might be worth, you can use our free tool to determine your home’s approximate value.